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EMAS and ISO 14001

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary public scheme for environmental management and audits.

It has been developed in by the European Union in 1993 for companies looking to positively improve their environmental impact.

Companies with the EMAS Logo prove their responsible stance regarding the environment. They show that products, activites and services of the company with respect to their impacts on the environment are improving in a sustainable way, which shows a critical improvment for the environment and general quality of life. This standard is in several countries and/or states by means of bonuses or tax benefits rewarded and recognized.

The legal basis for EMAS is Directive (EG) 1221/2009. The development and implementation of an EMAS environmental management system correspond to the ISO 14001 standard. Being a very flexible standard makes EMAS especially interesting for small and middle sized enterprises.

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